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Phillips Ranch, CA is a community located within the southwestern border of the city of Pomona. It residents regularly refer to it by Phillips Ranch instead of Pomona and even address their mail as such. It is a well-to-do area with residents in the working to middle-upper class categories.

The community was largely undeveloped until 1964 when Louis Lesser Enterprises bought the ranch and constructed 10,000 housing units. The community experienced a huge population influx at that point. It is a master-planned community that is well-designed and maintained. Lawns are well-manicured and streets are lined with beautiful trees.

Midas Auto Service Experts is proud to serve Phillips Ranch including the hardworking staff of SoCal Edison. Located just a short 5-minute drive west of Phillips Ranch via Avenue Rancheros and North Diamond Bar Boulevard, Midas Auto Service Experts is part of the community. The friendly staff contribute to community events and help whenever there is a need. Midas Auto Service Experts is also certified by Ask Patty as a female-friendly shop.

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Auto Repair in Phillips Ranch, CA

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